Hello. My name is Tim Nedrup, also known by my artist name Tim Timmey. I'm an artist based in Helsingborg, Sweden, specialising in graffiti and fine art. 

I paint everything from canvas to large murals, or take on commissions painting interior and exterior artwork in peoples homes or buisnesses and on walls around the city. 

I've worked together with companies like Helsingborgs Bryggeri, Comfort Hotel, IKEA, Helsingborgs Hem, Helsingborgs Stadsteater, PNO, Djurparken i Helsingborg, Sommarteater på Krapperup and many more.

A few of my latest projects include Spring Remake in Stockholm, ArtstreetHBG and Skånes Fria Konstrunda, where I was one of the exhibitors. 

If you're interested in working with me or if you have any questions about my work, get in touch here